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About The Herpetological Conservation Trust

The Herpetological Conservation Trust (The HCT) is a UK based charity and charitable company established to further the conservation of amphibians and reptiles (collectively known as herpetofauna).

We were founded in 1989 by Vincent Weir and Ian Swingland and launched at the First World Congress of Herpetology in Canterbury that year. 

We employed a professional staff and owned and managed a number of nature reserves.  Although our head quarters is in Bournemouth, UK, we employed staff who were based elsewhere in Britain and the Republic of Ireland and worked closely with other organisations to help the conservation of wildlife in Europe and beyond. 

The Trust continues to be governed by a board of Trustees. We do not have a membership and so we are not an organisation that you can join. However,  we worked with and assisted other organisations to promote herpetofauna conservation, notably local Amphibian and Reptile Groups and County Wildlife Trusts that do have memberships. We were also often assisted by volunteers, particularly with habitat management projects. 

The HCT is a Registered charity no. 1109031 and a Company limited by Guarantee (Registered in England) number 5389839.


Since our formation we have made significant steps forward to our primary aim of safeguarding Britain’s threatened herpetofauna (amphibians and reptiles). The Trust worked towards this aim by:

Now and the Future

Since July 2009, when we re-formed as Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust, we have continued, with considerable success, to pursue and indeed broaden our objectives.

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